It's calendar shopping season!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I get unreasonably excited about shopping for paper goods. Journals, stationary, gift packaging, anything and everything. Back to school supply shopping was my favorite part of summer as a kid. (I'm weird.) I no longer get to go shopping for back to school supplies, so my only time to get really jazzed up about a big paper purchase that I'll use year-round is the transition from year to year with planners and calendars. I'm a Moleskine loyalist when it comes to planners, but I like to switch up my calendars every year with an Etsy seller's creation.

I've narrowed down this year's potential candidates that may have the privilege of donning my refrigerator to the above four. Since my calendar is going in the kitchen, the food theme of loopzart's calendar is quite appropriate. Rocket Ink's calendar is full of gorgeous gem and mineral watercolor illustrations that could be turned into free-standing artwork after. Gloria Castaneda's calendar fulfills my need to have a cat on every surface of my apartment. Amy Kang's calendar is something that I've never seen before, sticker stamps for every day and special events throughout the year. A full list of the original 24 lovely calendars that were up for consideration is available over at my Etsy.

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